Global ACES

About This Project

What They Do:

Global Aces is an aviation technology company that helps streamline and expedite the supplemental type certificate (STC) validation process for its customers. http://global-aces.com/

The Challenge:

Global Aces (formerly Global Aviation Technologies) needed an updated name, visual identity, and website to stay current and better communicate the services and experience it offered. It needed a visual identity and website that could make a powerful first impression, quickly and accurately describe their services and value, and drive visitors to take action.

How We Helped:

JByron Marketing began by analyzing Global Aces’ position in the market, studied its competitors, and helped uncover what was unique about the company and services it offered. This helped the process of developing a powerful name and visual logo that embodied the brand. The next step was working with Global Aces to develop a website that would make a powerful first impression on visitors and move them to take action.The result was a website that transformed from being simply an online brochure to an effective website that tells the brand’s story through on-target messaging, great design, and powerful photography.